How to edit and publish your Island

Step1. Click on 'My Hyper Space' to enter your space

Step2. Clicking the "Hyper Space " will display a list of editable spaces. Click to select and perform editing operations on that space.

You can choose and use them according to your needs, enabling a quicker space building process.

Step3. Edit Material

We offer various material templates, you can also use all the artworks your own (including 2D and 3D artworks) as base materials.

You can choose materials from the list, delete materials, and save materials as templates.

Step4. Edit Layout and Size

Select a building or object to move its position and adjust its size.

Step5. Placing your NFTs

You can place purchased or minted NFTs in your space. You can edit the model layout and scale

You can exit the editing mode at any time during the editing process. If you need to save the current mode, don't forget to click 'Save.'

Step6. Save and Publish your Space

After finishing space editing, Click "save" to complete local saving.

You need fill in the space name, coordinates, you can name the space and set its public status.Click 'Save' to save the current state ๏ผŒ it will not be publicly published. And Click "mint" to complete the blockchain upload.

All information will be written into the "Space Profile Contract" and simultaneously deploy as your exclusive space contract.

After being published on the blockchain, your space will be automatically deployed in the space list, enabling one-click access.

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