About NFTs

1.Unable to view the recently purchased NFT

If there is a delay in data loading, after completing the asset purchase, close the purchase window and backpack first.

Open the backpack again, and you will see the assets you just purchased.

2.Why can't I manipulate the mouse when forging assets?

During the asset forging process, when uploading files or images, you need to press the "ESC key" to activate the computer mouse first, and then select the file for uploading.

3.Why does the following prompt appear when listing NFT for the first time?

This prompt is a normal reminder for asset authorization transactions, with the purpose of advising users to exercise caution when performing such operations.

Granting access permissions to an NFT means that the NFT you have listed will be transferred to its buyer at the end of the purchase transaction.

4.Unable to list NFT for sale

All players can freely choose NFTs to mint in Official Drops or enter other islands to purchase NFTs from the HyperStore in other spatial shops.

Only island owners who hold Island NFGs have island shops and can list and sell purchased NFTs or self-minted NFTs.

What is NFG?

NFG (None-Fungible Generatives) emphasizes non-fungible data on the basis of NFT, transforming from T to G. It is also a shift from non-fungible tokens to non-fungible data products, laying the foundation for the development of digital products towards value integrity and economic rationality.

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