How to mint 2D/3D NFTs

Click "My Hyper Space" and enter the "Hyper Fab."

You can use ERC-721 contract (for minting single NFT) and ERC-1155 contract (for minting multiple NFTs) of your space to complete the NFT minting process.

Mint Lobby supports minting of images, videos, music, and 3D models in glb format. Support upload format:PNG,JPG,GIF,MP3,MP4,GLB,FBX,OBJ

You can set the NFT's name, category, and provide a detailed description.

After the minting is completed, you can view and use it in the asset list.๏ผˆIn non-edit mode, 2D NFTs can only be used as emojis.๏ผ‰

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